HEY, Let ME Answer a QUESTION.

The world is loud. To rejuvenate, I look for any opportunity to immerse myself in quiet places.

I am lucky to find these inspirational places very close to home. The colors, patterns, and gentle sounds of fields and forests yield new ideas that fill page after page in my sketchbook and renew energy to carry me through a busy workweek. 
Three Random Facts About Me:
My first language is Estonian.
I collect stones and keep one in the pocket of every coat.
My first paid art gig was painting numbers, flames, and stripes onto stock race cars. I was 13.
My Favorite Things:
Ice cream, champagne, maps, otters, puns, "Buttercup"--my kayak, and a really good book to hold in my hands.
Orienteering, Disk Golf, Snow Sports, Fiber Arts



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