In the years before 800 A.D., the Vikings portaged their ships across the narrows of the Sõrve Peninsula on Saaremaa. This location is the land where my maternal ancestors have lived for generations. Family stories suggest that at least one of the explorers may have fallen in love with a local maiden and chosen to settle there to live out a more “civil” existence. This collection of patterns is subtly inspired by this historic fable.

Moss | Chain Mail

Moss | Ruutu

Moss | Days at Sea

Tan | Chain Mail

Tan | Ruutu

Tan | Days at Sea

Dark | Rye Bits

Dark | Winter Rye

Dark | After Harvest

Light | Rye Bits

Light | Winter Rye

Light | After Harvest

Spring | Ice Drops

Spring | Ice Storm

Spring | Icicles

Winter | Ice Drops

Winter | Ice Storm

Winter | Icicles

Art @2022 Eva Ruutopõld


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Honoring my family history from 1,800 years ago.

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